Raphael Perrier

Raphael Perrier, Founder, Kahwa Coffee Roasting

Raphael studied at CEFAM an international business school in Lyon, France and then completed his studies at Temple University in Philadelphia receiving a BBA in Marketing. Right after university Raphael entered the coffee business and was involved in the early development of the retail and wholesale business of La Colombe Torrefaction, a well-known Philadelphia based coffee roasting company.

Raphael then opened and operated a restaurant/nightclub in Philadelphia for 3 years before selling it for a 300% return on investment.  He then relocated to the Tampa Bay area with his wife where they saw great opportunity in a growing market.

He returned to his roots in the coffee industry where he had established strong connections over the years. He had a vision for filling a void in the Tampa Bay market. Kahwa Coffee Roasting began operations in 2006 as a wholesale coffee roasting company and then moved on to the retail market with its first café in 2008.


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